Hockey NZ Online Coaching

This is a free online course which anyone can register and complete. 
It works towards a HNZ coaching qualification! To complete the qualification you must go through the online section and then attend a practical session which your Coaching Manager at your association will hold throughout the year, 

NOTE: When registering it will ask for a 'join code'- ignore this and just select the age group you coach and it will auto fill.

Coaching for Coaches

2018 Courses

Register here: for Hockey NZ's online coaching course.  To receive your HNZ coaching qualification attendance at one association practical session is required. 


Secondary School Level:

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Kiwi/Kwik Sticks level:

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Senior Rep/Club Level:

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Preparing for the upcoming season, Skill/drill ideas.


High School (youth) Level:

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Lets work together to improve the level of our high school teams! Skills and drills for the high school age groups as well as getting the best out of our players and how developing them so they can make the step up with ease. 

How to coach a Goalie:

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A practical session with a goalie to show coaches what they should be looking for to help with goalies technique and also some easy drills and tips for your goalies. 

For more information email: