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Hockey NZ online coaching

This is a free online course which anyone can register and complete. 
It works towards a HNZ coaching qualification! To complete the qualification you must go through the online section and then attend a practical session which your Coaching Manager at your association will hold throughout the year, 

NOTE: When registering it will ask for a 'join code'- ignore this and just select the age group you coach and it will auto fill.

Coaching for Coaches

Coaching for Coaches 2017


This year we are working hard to ensure coaches get the help they need by offering some great courses. 

Hockey NZ have created a great online course which anyone one can do with this you will need to attend one of your associations practical coaching sessions to receive your HNZ coaching qualification. 


You can find the online course here:


Here are some of our upcoming practical coaching session:


Club Level:

Friday 24th March 6-7pm

Taken by Tory Dougherty and Mark Kake

How am I going to get the best out of the team I have? Skills and drills, training structure, preparing for a game, team talk and half time talk ideas.


Junior coaches:

Mini Sticks Wednesday 3rd May

Kiwi Sticks Wednesday 3rd May

Kwick Sticks Friday 5th May


This year these will be in line with the 1st week of competition. The first week draw will be made for teams to attend a skills and drills session with Otago coaches, teams coaches are expected to attend these with their teams and other coaches are welcome. 

This is to help not only the players with some practise before their season starts but to give the coaches some help or even refresh what they might already know. This way we can ensure we have helped our coaches so they have the ability to take their teams through the season with ease. 


High School (youth) Level:

Sunday 14th May 10am-11am

Taken by Mat Rooney and Ben Varkalis

Lets work together to improve the level of our high school teams! Skills and drills for the high school age groups as well as getting the best out of our players and how developing them so they can make the step up with ease. 


How to coach a Goalie:

Sunday 9th April 10am-11am

A practical session with a goalie to show coaches what they should be looking for to help with goalies technique and also some easy drills and tips for your goalies.