Otago Hockey and Otago Cricket 'SUPER STRIKERS' Holiday Programme:


Otago Cricket and Otago Hockey are teaming up to deliver a unique 'Super Strikers' programme these April holidays. The programme gives kids the chance to participate in both cricket and hockey over two days. The sessions will include modified games, fun challenges and a mini hockey and cricket tournament to finish. 

Our two-day 'Junior Programme’, is for those in Years 1-4, will take place on Tuesday 20th/ Wednesday 21st April from 9am -12pm on both days.

Our two-day 'Intermediate Programme', is for those in Years 5-8. The programme will run from 1pm - 4pm on Tuesday 20th/ Wednesday 21st April.

Both programmes will consist of skill based activities and mini games. This is a great opportunity for any child, non-cricketers and/or hockey players welcome, to engage in fun and intuitive drills which will introduce the core skills of the game.

- All programmes will take place at the Otago Hockey Turf, 65 Harbour Terrace.

- Payment will need to be made prior to the session via credit card or internet banking.

- Cost : $65 per child for either the Junior Programme or Intermediate Programme or $115 for two children from the same family. 

Payment can be made through this form via Credit Card Payments or Automated Direct Debit. 

* Please note that we are following The Ministry of Health NZ Cricket, and Hockey NZ Guidelines in relation to COVID-19. At any stage, changes may need to be made to these programmes to ensure we are operating within their guidelines.

To register your child for either of the programmes please fill in the form below. 

If you have any queries please email


Coaching For Coaches

Coaching for coaches is a programme for coaches of all levels who want to improve their skills. The programme consists of two sessions - a Zoom session followed by a practical session at the turf. In order to attend the practical session you must attend the Zoom session prior.

This is a free programme so register quick to secure your spot!


  Zoom Session Practical Session
'Coaching 101' Thursday 11th June, 6pm Sunday 14th June, 9am-10am
Intermediate Coaches Wednesday 3rd June, 6pm Sunday 14th June, 9am-10am
Secondary School Coaches Thursday 4th June, 6pm Sunday 14th June, 10am-11am
Club Coaches Wednesday 10th June, 6pm Sunday 14th June, 11am-12pm
Goalkeeper Coaching Thursday 11th June, 7pm Sunday 14th June, 12pm-1pm
Club Coaches Monday 13th July, 6pm Sunday 19th July, 11am-12pm
Intermediate Coaches Tuesday 14th July, 6pm Sunday 19th July, 9am-10am
Secondary School Coaches Wednesday 15th July, 6pm Sunday 19th July, 10am-11am
Coaching 101 Thursday 16th July, 6pm Sunday 19th July, 9am-10am


Below are topics of discussion during the zoom session.

Coaching 101

  • Basic skills – via YouTube video
  • Basic rules of the game
  • Positions
  • Keeping Space
  • Defending v attacking
  • Skills v play
  • Drills for coaches to use

Intermediate coaches

  • 11 aside positions - 6 a side positions
  • Team Talks
  • Defined roles for positions
  • Warm up
  • Trainings
  • Playing in triangles – how do they do this?

Secondary school coaches

  • 11 aside positions and defined roles
  • Passing patterns
  • Team Talks
  • Warm up
  • Goal scoring

Club coaches

  • Pressing
  • Out letting
  • Training on quarter or half field
  • Goal scoring
  • Passing Patterns
  • Simple rotations
  • Leading – movement off the ball
  • PCA roles
  • PCD roles

Goalkeeper Coaches

  • Working individually with a keeper
  • How to incorporate keepers into training
  • Feedback tips for keepers
  • Things to watch out for 

Click here to register for our Coaching for Coaches programme.