Otago Hockey League

Otago Hockey League - North v South Series

The Otago Hockey League, which is a competition set up during 2020 to give our Premier Club players an opportunity to play more hockey during a trying Covid year.

The 2021 edition of the OHL will have teams based on a North v South split. Players from the North Island will play against players from the South Island. A battle of the Islands for bragging right for 2021.

* There maybe 1 or 2 players asked to play for the Island they do not come from – this is purely to makes sure teams are well balanced.

This North v South series, along with club hockey, will aid with the selection of the Otago men and women’ s teams to play in the Mainland Cup against Canterbury at Queen’s Birthday weekend (5th, 6th & 7th June) and the National Hockey Championship which is later in September.

There will be one training per week, on a Tuesday night from 8.00pm-9.00pm for the teams. This will ensure there are some connections for the flow of the games.

There is no cost associated with this competition.

The two teams have been made from club performances from the first 2 weeks, to play in this 4-game series. Once players have accepted this opportunity, the teams will be announced on the OHA Facebook page and OHA website and confirmation will be sent out via email.

The Games this OHL is as follows:


Otago Hockey League
Date Meet time Game time Field
May 3rd 5.00pm 6.00pm -7.30pm Polytech turf
May 9th 2.45pm 4.00m-6.00pm Polytech turf
May 23rd 4.15pm 5.30pm-7.00pm Polytech turf
May 30th 2.45pm 4.00pm-5.30pm Polytech turf


Otago Hockey League
Date Meet time Game time Field
May 3rd Monday 4.30pm 5.30pm -7.00pm Lion Foundation Turf
May 16th Sunday 3.00pm 4.00m-6.00pm Polytech turf
May 23rd Sunday 3.00pm 4.00pm-5.30pm Polytech turf
May 30th Sunday 4.30pm 5.30pm-7.00pm Polytech turf

After the OHL – North v South games - an Otago squad will be announced to play in the Mainland Cup. This squad will continue to train in preparation for the National Hockey Championship.

*Players maybe be added to or removed from this squad at the coaching staff’s discretion.


Men's North Team
Player City Club Team Age
Allan Carson Wellington University A 22
George Wood Hamilton University A 21
Jaiden Chhika Wellington Kings 21
Michael Lambourne Auckland University A 20
Hitaua Arahanga-Doyle Christchurch Albany 29
Callum Dempster Auckland University A 21
Devanand Bhika Wellington University A 20
Conner Hoskin Wanganui Kings 18
Luke Buxton Auckland University A 20
Craig Turner Wellington Kings 22
Jakob Bell Kaka Auckland University A 18
Trey Lincoln Hamilton Albany 18
Josh Wypych  Wellington University A 21
Opeti Tuimana Palmerston North Albany 21
Jason Dungey Dunedin Kings 32
Liam Smith Auckland University A 19
Dylan Penney Auckland Taieri 21
Sam Taylor Christchurch University B 22
William McNaughtan Wellington Kings 20


Men's South Team
Player City Club Team Age
Felix McIntosch Christchurch Albany 20
Matt Moore Christchurch Albany 30
Jakob Annison Dunedin Albany 21
Joseph Yoon Christchurch Kings 21
Jordan Ward Dunedin Taieri 23
Zeke Buschl Dunedin Taieri 18
Rory McLean Dunedin Kings 30
Finn Ward Dunedin Taieri 20
Zach Mason Dunedin Kings 21
Dylan Thomas Dunedin Kings 21
James Nicolson Dunedin Taieri 18
Ronan McNeill Invercargill Kings 19
Chris Hill Alexandar Taieri 21
Nick Parata Dunedin Albany 20
Charles Darling Dunedin Kings 23
Thomas Hatherly Dunedin University A 23
Jarrod Casey Dunedin Taieri 26
Matt Cummins Christchurch University A 22


Women's North Team
Player City Club Team Age
Hayley De Graaf Whangarei Kings 23
Abby Halpin Hamilton Momona 19
Cass Dawson Wellington Taieri 20
Maddie Peel UK Kings 20
Phoebe Pottinger Wellington Taieri 18
Sara Cooper Wellington University A 20
Nicole Strawbridge Gisborne Momona 22
Neve McLean Hamilton Momona 24
Brooke Eddie Wellington City 20
Keita Elliot Auckland Momona 18
Georgia Ronowicz Hamilton University A 18
Leah Forster Wellington City 19
Adyn Dudley Whangarei University A 17
Georgia Hall Auckland University A 20
Lily Bentall Wellington Taieri 22
Isobella Ng Auckland University A 20
Maria Mayerhofler Auckland Kings 19
Chantelle Murrell Wellington Taieri 23
Meila Eades Tauranga Taieri 20


Women’s South Team
Player City Club Team Age
Ginny Wilson Middlemarch City 26
Louise Nicolson Dunedin Taieri 21
Georgia Allardice Zimbabwe City 19
Taylor Duffy Oturehua Momona 20
Tessa Buschl Dunedin Momona 19
Ella McCall Gore Momona 19
Lucy Simpson Christchurch University A 20
Tegan Buchanan Cromwell City 21
Pippa Croft Whangarei University A 18
Sophia  Kirsten Nelson City 18
Erin Doleman Alexander Taieri 34
Abby Lennon Christchurch Momona 20
Olivia Allan Balfour City 21
Bayley Anderson Christchurch City 20
Bex Clemenston Nelson Momona 22
Morgan Forrester Whangarei City 19
Louisa Collerton Christchurch Taieri 20
Kate Kirsten Nelson City 23
Sarah Johnstone Dunedin Kings 19