Start of Year 5 & 6 Development Programme

12:00 am - 12:00 am | 26/08/2019 |

Otago Hockey is looking at giving our young hockey players the opportunity to develop their hockey skills and knowledge of the game. This Programme is to help players with their team dynamics, game knowledge, defensive & attacking concepts, PC & long corners, positional understanding & concepts in space.  We will also help introduce players to the Goalie position if they wish.

Coaching Session Summary

There will be four skill-based sessions. Players will be divided into groups. Groups will rotate around stations within the session, each focusing on a different aspect of the key skill focus for that week. This will be followed by an adapted game for the players to implement the skill in a fun game situation.


28th Aug

First Training 4pm-5: 30 pm

4th Sept 

2nd Training 4pm-5: 30 pm

11th Sept 

3rd Training 4pm-5: 30 pm

18th Sept

A week off Seniors at Tournament

25th Sept

4th Training 4pm-5: 30 pm

28th Sept

Girls & Boys Festival


This Programme will be overseen by Hymie Gill and Julia Boothroyd, with Representative Senior players Coaching the teams. The Junior U15 & U13 Representative teams will be umpiring at the Festival (Festival day will have other associations that will attend) 

Nominations are to be received by Otago Hockey from Schools/ Team Coaches. Forms are being sent to teams for the resumption of the Wednesday competition in Term 3 and are due back to the OHA by 15 August. The player's parents will then be contacted by the contact email provided by their team coach with Programme information and a registration link. They can then decide whether their child would like to attend the Programme.

Team Tops

Upon registering for the Year 5&6 Programme players will be asked for their tee shirt size. As part of the Programme cost, they receive a tee shirt with their first name on the back. The tee shirts are coloured in teams. Players are asked to wear these to all training they attend for the Programme as well as any games/Festival Day.



Players can wear any shorts and socks they wish as long as it is comfortable and suitable when playing hockey.

Cost; $65

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