Umpire Hockey

Otago Hockey values its umpires and officials. Many of our umpires hold Hockey New Zealand Level One Umpiring and Officiating qualifications. Our umpires are regularly appointed to finals at National Tournaments. 

Otago Hockey welcomes anyone interested in umpiring and urges them to contact us when they arrive in Dunedin. If you are interested in learning to umpire or if you are an established umpire moving to the association
, we would be happy to hear from you. You can email either the General Manager of Otago Hockey, or the Otago Hockey Umpires Committee.

If you are new to hockey, a basic summary of the rules can be found at the FIH's HOCKEY 101

Hockey New Zealand's more in depth Umpiring Guide can be found here.

The complete international Rules of Hockey can be found here

You can also test your knowledge with Hockey New Zealand Theory tests, and read more about the modern style of hockey umpiring.

All participants in hockey in Otago, including umpires and officials, are subject to the Hockey New Zealand Code of Conduct.

To check Hockey New Zealand Tournament Appointments click here!