Keystone Programme

Otago Hockey Keystone Programme

The keystone is the most important stone. A stone arch or vault gains its stability from the placement of the keystone, which is often the last one placed. In our Keystone Programme we will develop our core skills without any pressure on us to perform, we can make mistakes and try again without being in a competition setting. Our Keystone programme will help build stability in our core skills, help us learn new skills and let us practice skills we saw other players using during the season – this is the perfect environment to practice them.

The Keystone Programme will run on Thursday afternoons from 11th November to 9th December.

The cost of the programme will be $70. (if you were a part of our U13 Booster Programme that was cut short by COVID, you are eligible for a discounted price of our Keystone Programme of $40).

Please deposit payment into our OHA Bank account using 'Keystone' and your child's name as reference. 03-0905-0460917-10

Please click here to register for our Keystone Programme. 

Keystone Programme