2024 Otago Hockey Accelerator Program


Otago Hockey Junior Accelerator Program -Otago Hockey is spending more time investing in their future by offering the Junior Accelerator Hockey Program to players in the Year 5&6, Year 7&8 (U13) and Year 9,10&11 (U15) age groups. 

This Program is open to any player in the above age groups who would like to improve and upskill their hockey in preparation for the 2024 hockey season. 

Starting date: Tuesday 20th February and run through to the 9th of April.  

The trainings will be overseen by our Pathway Manager - Hymie Gill – with the help of Otago Representative players. The trainings will cover a range of basic and advanced skills, defensive and attacking principles, along with PC skills and general play concepts. 

There will be an emphasis on physical fitness and mobility. The trainings will be physically demanding and require an elevated level of focus and commitment. 

We understand that many of our players will still be involved in summer sport, and we encourage them to continue their sporting diversity, as it is beneficial to the overall development of the athlete.  

The sessions will be: 

Tuesday 4.00pm-5.30pm 

These sessions start Tuesday 20th February  

To Register follow the below link 


The cost for this program is $135 for the 8 weeks. If you have any questions about this, please contact Hymie at Hockey@oha.org.nz 

NOTE: For Year 11 to be eligible for U15 the child must be U15 on 1st Jan 2020, otherwise they are U18 (see registration page). 

We will spend 8 weeks working on  

  • Basic skills  
  • Hitting 
  • Receiving 
  • Dribbling 
  • Concepts of play – small games 
  • Specialist's skills 
  • Overheads 
  • Tomahawk hits  
  • PC Skills 
  • Injecting 
  • Stopping 
  • Drag Flicking 
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