ALL Hockey is on in Level 2


After the recent Covid-19 announcement regarding our region moving back to level 2, we would like to reassure our community that we are still able to safely operate and facilitate our competitions. This situation will be monitored carefully and updated if required with information being sent out as soon as possible.

 Meanwhile, Games are still on with a few slight adjustments that we need ALL of our teams to be aware of.

 For those that are coming we ask the following please:

  • If you are sick STAY HOME.

  • ALL Coaches/team managers MUST check the team scorecard which is located upstairs on the desk. Team lists are pre-printed on the cards but please cross off players who are not there and add players/ coaches/managers names who are. This is crucial for contact tracing and is non-negotiable. Clubs- Please advise all your teams- this is crucial.

  • Wash hands regularly and practice good hygiene routines.

  • Maintain social distancing of 2m where practical and minimal spectators also where practical- ALL spectators to sign in via our QR Codes.

  • Umpires- please come prepared with your own equipment and be familiar with Covid -19 Rule updates.


For all of our Spectators, we have moved to using the Government NZ COVID Tracer App. This recommended app needs to be downloaded prior to use and all of our visitors can check in on arrival. The link can be found here:

 NZ COVID Tracer App download options

 We would like to thank you for your patience while we navigate these fast moving times and we look forward to being able to see our community playing hockey and continue as normally as possible while we can.

Any concerns, please do not hesitate in contacting us.

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