Mark Knowles Coaching Groups


Thanks again for your registrations for the Mark Knowles coaching clinic next weekend (26 and 27 Jan).

We are excited to be hosting Mark as well as Greg Nicol from HNZ and introducing Hymie Gill our new Pathway Manager to our Hockey community.

Groups 1, 2 and 3 will train at 9.30am both days, Groups 4,5 and 6 will be 12pm both days and Groups 7,8 and 9 are 2.30pm each day.

Reminder to please make payment of $95 or $120 with a T-Shirt online, bank account (03-0905-0460917-010)

We will still accept late registrations if you are aware of anyone else interested.

9:30 AM Group 1
James Freeman,  Kahu Kaan,  Ollie Oberlinbrown, Ethan James, Adam McNab, Nick Wright, Oliver Battrick,  Connor Sharp

9:30 AM Group 2
Finn Leeds, Fred Dowling, Callum Leeds, Ajay Caldwell, Nikau Kaan, Paxton Francis, Alice Porter, Katie Battrick, Annie Dowling

9:30 AM Group 3
Archie Colquhoun, Cody Gradwell, Max Braithwaite, Max Porter, Will Nichol, Baxter Meder, Finn Aitken, Jacob Robinson, Xavier Peyroux, Zac Diehl, Maclean Sharp, Harry Stevens, Ryan Caldwell, Nick Casey

12:00 PM Group 4
Thomas Meder, Sam Gradwell, Ollie MacKenzie, Sam Porter, Henry King, Harry Mason, Lachie Crowle, Josh Stevens, Lachlan Colquhoun, Daniel Torr, Jayden Stevenson, Ben Aynsley, Angus McGregor, Jake Denniston, Liam Casey, 

12:00 PM Group 5 
Ava Beens, Madison Lobb, Georgia McHutchon, Charlotte Vaafusuaga, Georgie Lawson, Demi McAlwee, Nova Wright, Charly Faherty, Fenella Ballantyne, Kirsten Carey, Sophie Joe Potter, Ella Booth, Tess McAtamney,Bryse Breen

12:00 PM Group 6
Samantha Faherty, Nina Dickie, Angelique Peyroux, Ella McCall, Ella Wilson, Ella Rooney, Bex Clementson, Julia Boothroyd, Tessa Buschl, Teea Francis

2:30 PM Group 7
Liv Preston, Ellie Duncan, Taylor Duffy, Jaime Preston, Tegan Buchanan, Olivia Hall, Claudia Peyroux, Zach Dickie, Thomas Ballantyne , Benji Culhane, Blair McKenzie, Noah Rooney, James Thompson, Ellery Campbell, Ronan Mcneill

2:30 PM Group 8
Patrick Ward, James Nicolson, Ezekiel Buschl, Ethan Booth, Nick Parata, Finn Ward, Dylan Thomas, Jordan Ward, Jesse Drake, Jason Dungey, Nathan Gilbert

2:30 PM Group 9
Tim Greenall, Craig Grounds, Michael Kruger, Brent Wilson, Regan Bain, Sean Jones, Sam Doran, Sam Young, Jared Hewitt, Hitaua Arahanga-Doyle

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