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Following recent announcements confirming that construction of a third turf at Kings High School is confirmed the board and management of Otago Hockey are engaged in our final fundraising push.

This is a crucial project for Hockey in Otago and one that will give us an opportunity to take Hockey in these parts to the next level. 

We will be able to appeal to a wider group of potential new players, offer new participation opportunities at much more suitable times, provide the opportunity for pathway athletes to access more appropriate turf time and put our hand up to host significant national events.

1.9 million has been secured from the Dunedin City Council, Lotteries, Otago Community Trust, Lion Foundation, AAW Jones, NZCT, Alexander McMillan and Kings High School. The final piece of the puzzle is making OHA’s contribution of $200K.

In addition to the Give a Little page we are now seeking sponsorships starting at $500 plus GST per year (plus cost of sing in first year at $195 plus GST) for Turf Signage. Turf Signage is available at both our current hub at Harbour Terrace and at the new facility at Kings High School.

We have a number of other opportunities to partner with sponsors and connect supporting businesses to our community of over 3000 participants, their families and those who we engage with and have exposure to through our involvement at National Tournaments, events etc.

We would be really keen to chat this through with you if you are in a position to support and partner with Otago Hockey. We are committed to working hard for mutually beneficial relationships. 

For more information please contact Andy McLean on or 027 88 44 800

Give a Little Page - Otago Hockey Third Turf at Kings High School

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