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Congratulations to all of our 2021 Club Competition Winners as listed below:


TOAST Cup Women – City Highlanders

TOAST Cup Men – Carlton Redcliffs
2021 TOAST Cup men

2021 TOAST Cup Women


Top Goal Scorer in Division 2 Women – NO TROPHY- Madison Lobb- City Bravehearts and Celtics (24 Goals)

Top Goal Scorer in Division 2 Men – NO TROPHY- Tied Jack Cotton (Kings United Knights), Jens Moller and Chris Page (KETOB) – (15 Goals)

Division 2 Women Points – Stoddart Trophy- City Celtics

Division 2 Women Winner – June Gill Trophy- City Bravehearts

2021 City Bravehearts

Division 2 Women’s- Plate Trophy University Orca’s

2021 Uni Orcas

Division 2 Men Points – Bedford Trophy- KETOB Men

Division 2 Men Winner – Williamson Cup- KETOB Men

2021 KETOB Men
Division 2 Men Plate Winner- Kings United Knights     

2021 Kings United KnightsPaul Gager trophy – Goalkeeper (U18) – Toby Dean

Challenge Shield holders Men – University Blue Whales

Challenge Shield holders Women – City Highlanders

Premier Women Points – McDonald Trophy-City Highlanders
Premier Men Points – Hogg Cup- Taieri Tuatara’s
Top Goal Scorer in Premier Women – Bagley Cup- Sarah Thomas City Highlanders (12 Goals)
Top Goal Scorer in Premier Men – Aubin Cup- Henry Will University Blue Whales (23 Goals)

Premier 1 Women Winner – Southern Cup- City Highlanders
2021 City Highlanders                               

Premier 1 Men Winner – Otago Hockey Life Members Cup- University Blue Whales

2021 Uni Blue Whales               

Cooke Howlison Team of the Year Award- University Blue Cods



Top Goal Scorer in Division 3 Women – NO TROPHY   Megan Hills West Taieri B (27 Goals)                            

Top Goal Scorer in Division 3 Men – NO TROPHY Rob Fagerlund- Kings United Masters (26 Goals)                   

Division 3 Women Points – De Lambert Trophy West Taieri B

Division 3 Women Winner – Debra Cousins Cup West Taieri B

2021 West Taieri Ladies B
Divsion 3 Women Plate final - KETOB Totara         

2021 KETOB Totara               

Division 3 Men Points – HSOB Cup Taieri Turtles

Division 3 Men Winner – Crimp Trophy Kings United Masters

2021 Kings United Masters

Dates for the 2021 season are as follows:

Season Dates as follows:

Week 1                                                 10/11 April

Week 2                                                 17/18 April

Week 3                                                 24/25 April

Week 4                                                 1 /2 May

Week 5                                                 8/9 May

Week 6                                                 15/16 May

Week 7                                                 22/23 May

Week 8                                                 29/30 May

Queen’s Birthday weekend

Week 9                                                 12/13 June        

Week 10                                               19/20 June

Uni Break

Week 11                                               10/11 July

Week 12                                               17/18 July          

Week 13                                               24/25 July          

Week 14                                               31 July/1 August

Week 15                                               7/8 August

Week 16/ Semi-finals                     14/15 August

Mid week Semi-final for Prem Grade only 18 August

Week 17/ Finals                                21/22 August

 Transfers between Association to Association are done via your clubs and the Competitions Manager. Please feel free to contact Bonnie at if you have any any further questions regarding this.

You can find the 2021 Club Handbook click here . Please ensure that your Club's team coach and manager has read the handbook prior to the start of the competition so that they are informed regarding the rules and expectations.

The Club Training Schedule can be found here

Quick reference policies/forms can be found below:

Game reschedule form can be found here

Injury/Incident report form can be found here. This MUST be completed for all serious injuries within 48 hours of the game.

You can find the FIH 2019 Rules of Hockey here

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