Kwik Sticks (year 7&8)

Small Sticks is the nationally branded junior hockey participation programme developed by Hockey New Zealand in consultation with youth sport experts. 

Otago Hockey’s aim is for all children involved in Junior Hockey to develop their individual and team skills, share the enjoyment of taking part in a team game and build a lifelong enthusiasm for Hockey and therefore supports the direction of Hockey NZ and it's plans for the Kwik Sticks Competition.

Small Sticks is based on the belief that small-sided games:
• Require fewer players per team and offer participants full involvement, increased touches of the ball and greater skill development
• Are enjoyable to play for participants of both genders, of all ages and hockey abilities
• Teach common skills and tactics to make the transition to 11v11 field hockey easier
• Introduce development opportunities for playing, umpiring, coaching, managing and leading within hockey
• Are not reliant on full complement hockey facilities or equipment and can be played on fields of various sizes and surfaces
• Aligns to the Balance is Better philosophy offering greater enjoyment leading to higher
retention rates.

Key benefits of modified games are:
• More touches on the ball which means more opportunities for development and more goals!
• Promotes instinctive/creative play
• Less players on the field, therefore less complicated decision making.
• Modified equipment and field size – scaled down from the adult version to grow with the
• Modified Rules - By reducing stoppages, maximising involvement, and minimising risks creates a safe, flowing game resulting in a quality experience.


More touches of the Ball + More Involvement = Better Skill Development

This season our Kwik Sticks Competition is being offered in a Promotion/ Relegation format.

Past seasons have shown us that teams of different compositions (Boys, Girls and Mixed teams) all have the ability to develop differently over the season. Therefore, our aim is to play 3 weeks of games, then top team in the grade will move up, and the bottom team will move down. This will happen repeatedly, with the aim being that teams will naturally move their way through the grades to find the most evenly matched opposition by the end of the season.

Game results are important for this format to work so can all scores please be given to Bar staff after your game please.

Matches are played on the all weather artificial turf at the McMillan Hockey Centre and the Kings High School Turf starting on the 10th of May and runs through until the 23rd of August.

Kwik Sticks games are played on a Friday afternoon and evening between 4.00pm- 7.30pm with times to be determined based on entry numbers.

Team registrations are now open - please contact your school sports co-ordinator if you would like to play.

Alternatively if your school does not have a team, you can enter via the Kings United Hockey Club here:

Registration Link -

 Kings United Junior Hockey

 All important information regarding our competitions are found in the Junior Competition Handbook which will be released for the 2024 season asap.

Please ensure ALL team's coaches and/or team managers have read this handbook prior to the competition commencing so that they fully understand the rules/health and safety obligations and expectations.

Any questions regarding the competitions please contact Bonnie on

For more information on the national Small Sticks Programme, please click here.

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