Small Sticks

Small Sticks is the nationally branded junior hockey participation programme developed by Hockey New Zealand in consultation with youth sport experts. It has been introduced to Otago and the whole of New Zealand to great success.
The aim of Small Sticks is to attract children (aged 4-13) into hockey and foster a lifelong love of the sport through a games-based approach built on skill development. Some players may make our national teams and compete on the world stage, while others may participate in the sport for the rest of their life. Small Sticks provides progressive stages for children new to hockey and let's them play a modified games at a level commensurate with their ability, with the correct equipment and in the appropriate game format. 

Mini Sticks and Kiwi Sticks are on Wednesdays after school, and Kwik Sticks is on Fridays after school.

Competition registrations for the 2020 season have now been sent out to your players school/s. Please contact your school office/ sports administrator to express interest in playing.

The competition information and rules are in the Junior 2020 Competition Handbook HERE.

Any questions regarding the competitions please contact Bonnie on competitions@oha.org.nz

Matches are played on the all weather artificial turf at the McMillan Hockey Centre and Taieri College. If other turf space is required Otago Hockey will organise it and inform all schools 

For more information on the national Small Sticks Programme, please click here.

Fun Sticks

The Fun Sticks Hockey Programme is aimed at any "new" hockey players, generally in Years 1 and 2 at school.

The programme is not just hockey focused, each hour long session contains fundamental movement skills, both with and without hockey sticks. We understand that young children's attention spans aren't too long, so we spend 8 to 10 minutes mastering different activities, before playing a game. The programme is 10 weeks long, and the children really improve in this time!

Otago Hockey provides the sticks and lighter hockey balls for Fun Sticks. Some parents prefer to purchase their children their own stick, as well as shin pads and mouthguard. These can be purchased at the McMillan Hockey Centre, GO HOCKEY SHOP.


For any information on Fun Sticks please contact Allan  at coach@oha.org.nz or 03 474 9201.








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