2021 Secondary School Competition

Dates/ Days:

Competitions will kick off week 2 of term 2 on the 10th of May.

The competition runs for 14 weeks on a Wednesday, breaking for school holidays.

Final week will be played on the 24th of August.

Times/ Locations:

We are hopeful that our new third turf will be finished in time for the start of our school competitions. Locations of games will be at Alexander McMillan Turf (Otago Hockey) and Kings High School. Times will be dependent on team entry numbers, but we aim for 4pm-9pm.


Monday Nights- Girls Division 2 and 3, Boys Division 3 and 4

Tuesday Nights- Girls Division 1, Boys Division 1 and 2.

All grades will be 11 Aside except for a social 6 Aside grade which will run on a Tuesday.

Team Registrations for the 2021 season are now open can can be made here

Team entries are due by Friday 16th of April at 5pm.

The Otago Secondary School 2020 Competition Handbook can be found here- Please note this will be updated with new information after season details are finalised for 2021.

The School/Club Turf Training Schedule will be released as soon as possible.

Quick reference policies/forms can be found here:

Injury/Incident report form can be found here. This MUST be completed for all serious injuries within 48 hours of the game.

You can find the FIH 2019 Rules of Hockey here