Congratulations to all of our teams who have played in our Seconday School Competitions this season.

Now that finals have been played we are happy to confirm the following placing for both the Girls and the Boys Competition:

2020 Girls Secondary School Competition


Division 1: Division 2: Division 3:
1st Place      St Hilda's 1st XI 1st Place      St Hilda's 2nd XI 1st Place     Columba Blue
2nd Place     Columba 1st XI 2nd Place     Columba 2nd XI 2nd Place    Columba Green
3rd Place      Taieri College 1st XI 3rd Place      St Hilda's 9A 3rd Place     Bayfield Junior Girls
4th Place      St Hilda's Colts 4th Place      Queens High School 1st 4th Place     Taieri College Silver
5th Place      Otago Girls High School 1st XI 5th Place      Logan Park High School 1st XI 5th Place     St Hilda's 9 Blue
  6th Place      St Hilda's 11's 6th Place     Queens High School 2nd
  7th Place      Otago Girls High School 2nd XI 7th Place      Logan Park High School
  8th Place      Tokomairiro 1st XI  
  9th Place      St Hilda's White  


2020 Boys Secondary School Competition 


Division 1: Division 2: Division 3: Division 4:
1st Place    Kings Lions 1st Place     John McGlashan                            College 2nd XI 1st Place    John McGlashan                             College Red 1st Place    Bayfield Juniors
2nd Place   John McGlashan                           College 1st XI 2nd Place    John McGlashan                            College U15a 2nd Place   Otago Boys High                           School White 2nd Place   John McGlashan                             College Grey
3rd Place    Otago Boys High                           School 1st XI 3rd Place     Otago Boys High                          School 2nd XI 3rd Place    Kings High School C 3rd Place    East Otago High                           School Mixed
  4th Place     Taieri College 1st XI 4th Place    Otago Boys High                           School Gold 4th Place    Kings High School                         Juniors
  5th Place     Kings High School B 5th Place    John McGlashan                           College Blue 5th Place    Otago Boys High                           School Blue
  6th Place     Logan Park High                            School 1st XI 6th Place    Logan Park High                           School 2nd XI 6th Place    South Otago High                         School Juniors
  7th Place     Tokomairiro 1st XI 7th Place    Kavanagh College                         Development 7th Place    John McGlashan                           College Gold
  8th Place     South Otago High                          School Seniors   8th Place    Otago Boys High                           School Red
  9th Place     Kavanagh College 1st                    XI   9th Place    Taieri College Green
  10th Place   Bayfield High School                      Seniors   10th Place  Taieri College Black


The Otago Secondary School 2020 Competition Handbook can be found here- Please note this will be updated with new information after season details are finalised.

The School/Club Turf Training Schedule can be found here

Quick reference policies/forms can be found here:

Injury/Incident report form can be found here. This MUST be completed for all serious injuries within 48 hours of the game.

You can find the FIH 2019 Rules of Hockey here