Covid Traffic Light System


As most will be aware New Zealand moves into a new phase of its response to the Covid-19 pandemic tonight with the introduction of the “Traffic Light” system at 11.59pm tonight.

This comes with some complexities for the association, as a venue for community sport, a place that runs events, a hospitality operator, car park provider, office, we have a physio onsite and the public use our grounds as a throughfare amongst other programmes we facilitate on and off site.

Each of these have their own context and different dynamics to consider in order to determine how best operated under the new system.

The good news is this transition is occurring at a time where we have a break in the intensity of our activity. This gives us a chance to take some time to get our policies and procedures in place before things ramp up again in 2022.

We believe it is wise to use this time and to monitor how the transition to this new system evolves. The association will take learnings from the latest information available before communicating full policy for what is shaping as a huge 2022.

At all times a key driver of decisions will be keeping our community safe.

In the mean time we will take an “event” by “event” approach and communicate approach required accordingly. We remain open for casual use over the summer with the all of the same health precautions that we have become familiar with.

If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact Andy on

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