Coaching Resource

This page has links to videos on YouTube where the basics of hockey are demonstrated
and explained by hockey experts. The skills are broken down and well explained for coaches and players to understand.

Skills-by-Hertzberger.pptx - this links to a PowerPoint with a series of videos created by Jeroen Hertzberger, a Dutch field hockey player who plays as a forward for Rotterdam and the Dutch national team. 

To watch HertzbergerTV click on the link below

HertzbergerTV - YouTube


Coaching-101-hockey-for-beginners.pptx - this links to a PowerPoint with a series of small videos from Team Singapore hockey player Laura Tan who talks us through the basic steps to the different types of skills in field hockey. Join her and SG Sports TV host Gary Yang on this journey towards improving your hockey basics.

Core-Base-Skills-Hitting-Pushing-Drags-Receiving.pptx - this links to a PowerPoint with a series of small videos from various sources on YouTube. Skills  demonstrated
and explained are:
USA Hockey - Holding the stick and dribbling skills
Hockey Australia - Running with the Ball
North Harbour Hockey - Hitting
Hockey Australia - Hitting
Intense Hockey 30 second skills - Stationary Push
Hockey Australia - Stationary Push
World Camp USA - Left to Right dodge
Hockey Australia - Drag Left to Right
Core Hockey - V-Drag
ProSkills - Left to Right Drag
FIH - Umpiring 

England-Coaching-Tips-v2.pptx - this links to a PowerPoint with a series of longer videos from England Hockey. The videos cover a range of skills including:
Defending skills
Receiving skills
Elimination skills
Making Space
Goal Scoring



Otago-Hockey-Coach-Pressing-PowerPoint.pptx This PowerPoint shows different presses for defending teams.