Teams Announced ahead of the Inaugural U18 Highland Cup


Highland Cup Teams Announced

Otago Hockey are excited to announce the two Girl's and two Boy's teams that will go head to head in the Highland Cup. The three match series is the next step in the U18 pathway as we look ahead to National U18 tournaments in July.


Date Match Time Venue Team 1 Team 2 Umpires
2nd May 4.00pm – 5.30pm Lion Foundation turf Girls team 1 Girls team 2  
5.40pm – 7.10pm Lion Foundation turf Boys team 1 Boys team 2  
9th May 9.45am -11.05am Otago Polytech turf Girls team 1 Girls team 2  
10.00am Lion Foundation turf Boys team 1 Boys team 2  
16th May 9.45am Otago Polytech turf Boys team 1 Boys team 2  
10.00am -11.30am Lion Foundation turf Girls team 1 Girls team 2  


Girls Teams:

Team 1 - Blue   Team 2 - Yellow
Name Surname School   Name Surname School
Nadine Jellyman (GK) St Kevin’s   Alisha  Horne (GK) Columba
Molly  Loe SHCS   Emily  Brosnahan Columba
Briar  Duncan Columba   Brooke McAlwee SHCS
Hannah  Cormack Columba   Ella Booth SHCS
Zara Ward Queen's   Kirsten  Carey Columba
Jehaan  Gydien OGHS   Georgia Roy SHCS
Lily Miller Taieri HS   Bronte  Crowe SHCS
Chloe  Deerness SHCS   Riley Macdonald SHCS
Demi McAlwee SHCS   Jorja  Dinan Columba
Annabelle  McKnight SHCS   Molly  McKenzie  SHCS
Myah  King SHCS   Molly  Smith SHCS
Fenella  Ballantyne St Kevin’s   Beth  O'Conner OGHS
Ava  Beens SHCS   Anna  McClean  SHCS
Nova  Wright SHCS   Hattie  Kerr SHCS
Christiane  McLeod St Kevin’s   Maddison  Bleach University
Sophie Shallard SHCS   Louisa  Kotkamp Columba
Georgia Chambers SHCS   Charlotte  McKenzie SHCS
River  Cunningham St Kevin’s   Ella Lloyd University
Ella Greenwood University   Grace Ansell University

Coach: Ant Lobb

Assistant Coach: Hamish Miller

Manager: Bex Miller


Coach: Matt Rooney

Assistant Coach: Lily Le Brun

Manager: Wendy McAlwee


Boys Teams:

Team 1 - Red   Team 2 - Yellow
Name Surname School   Name Surname School
Toby  Dean JMC   Lachlan  Colquhoun KVC
Cameron  Mather St Kevin’s   Harry Mason Kings
Patrick  Ward Kings   Benji Culhane University
Lachie  Crowle KJMC   Henry King Kings
Sam  Schell JMC   Jack  Hazlett JMC
Jacob Cumming OBHS   Thomas  Meder JMC
Jacob  Smith Kings   Liam  Black Logan Park HS
Tyler Williams University   Joe French Kings
Daniel Torr OBHS   Liam  Casey Polytech
Jack  Cotton JMC   Samuel  Gradwell JMC
Gus Holt  OBHS   Josh  Stevens JMC
Zach Diehl Kings   Sam  Porter JMC
Kieran  Black Logan Park HS   Zander van Zyl  
Alex  McDonald Kings   Kaleb  Cant St Kevin’s
Liam Barron JMC   Harry  Stevens JMC
Nick Casey JMC   Archie Colquhoun OBHS
        Baxter Meder JMC

Coach: Jarrod Casey

Assistant Coach: Angus Webster

Manager: Brendon Torr


Coach: Jolene Casey

Assistant Coach: Cam Sims

Manager: Matt Gradwell


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